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The Mindful Lawyer: Heart-opening practices

The imagery most frequently associated with Valentine’s Day is the heart.  We live at a time when an aching heart...

Substitute teaching improves lawyering

In the spring of 2020, I juggled to keep my civil defense practice moving, keep my clients happy, continue evaluation...

The Mindful Lawyer: Zooming Out in 2021

The rapid ascent of Zoom is reminiscent of Xerox and Google, two companies whose names became verbs. Unlike copying papers...

Can I use the document my client gave me?

Your client brings you a document and tells you they found it, read it, and it contains information about their...

Presidential Perspectives: Rutledge R. Liles 1988-89

As part of a project to document the history of The Florida Bar, the former presidents were asked to comment...

The Mindful Lawyer: ‘We Were Made for These Times’

Mindfulness is about seeing things clearly. One might have thought 2020 would prove to be a good year for just...

What are a lawyer’s obligations to a suicidal client?

If a client discloses an intent to commit suicide, a lawyer’s first obligations should be the same as any sensitive...

Mindfulness, Metaphors, and More

The practicing of mindfulness is fairly straightforward. You likely know a standard mindfulness practice that involves focusing attention on the...

Four mindfulness practices for these times

We live in exciting times. We live in challenging times. And some of the excitement and challenge arises because the...

Should you copy your client on emails to opposing counsel?

You are sending an email about a case to opposing counsel and want to provide a copy to your client....