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What are a lawyer’s obligations to a suicidal client?

If a client discloses an intent to commit suicide, a lawyer’s first obligations should be the same as any sensitive...

Mindfulness, Metaphors, and More

The practicing of mindfulness is fairly straightforward. You likely know a standard mindfulness practice that involves focusing attention on the...

Four mindfulness practices for these times

We live in exciting times. We live in challenging times. And some of the excitement and challenge arises because the...

Should you copy your client on emails to opposing counsel?

You are sending an email about a case to opposing counsel and want to provide a copy to your client....

The Mindful Lawyer: Breathing into clarity and calm

People who practice mindfulness tend to fall into one of two camps.  There are those who are interested in finding...

Are your client communications secure?

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Lawyers may not realize that many of the programs they use on a daily basis involve cloud computing. For example:...

The Mindful Lawyer: Practicing together online

You may have noticed the abundance of online programs and trainings associated with just about everything. . . including mindfulness....

The Mindful Lawyer: Insights from a three-and-a-half-year meditation retreat

One of the reasons for the legal profession’s interest in mindfulness is the popularization of scientific research examining changes in...

Taking effective remote depositions

With litigation practices entering the world of remote technologies due to the coronavirus pandemic, counsel should understand the tools and...

The three P’s of disaster preparedness: How legal issues are critical during hurricane season

It only takes one hurricane to change your life, your home, and your community. Just ask anyone in the Florida...