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A Mindfulness Holiday Gift: The Present Moment Pivot

The holiday season and the New Year offer lawyers opportunities to reflect and take stock, to grow and heal, and...

Mindfulness, Emotions, and the Likelihood of Confusion

Members of the legal profession operate within a complex social milieu that, when not seen clearly, can have consequences for...

Stimulation hunger and its connection to the practice of mindfulness

Have you ever held your breath and felt an overwhelming urge to take in air? In this month’s column, we’ll...

The Mindful Lawyer: ‘Radiate Positivity’

The October 2018 edition of “The Mindful Lawyer” column looked to Debi Galler, an attorney and mindfulness teacher, to respond...

Carl Yastrzemski, Stress, and the Physiological Sigh

As we approach the 44th anniversary of baseball great Carl Yastzremski’s record breaking 3,000 hits, we can learn something about...

Mindfulness, compassion fatigue, and the un-intentional infliction of emotional distress

The demands placed upon lawyers and that lawyers place upon themselves to excel and win can lead to professional fulfillment...

Mindfulness and the rule against perpetuities

You probably remember learning in law school the rule against perpetuities. And while this common law property rule tends to...

The Mindful Lawyer

A few weeks ago Burt Bacharach passed away at the age of 94. Bacharach is widely regarded as one of...

Mindfulness and Summary Judgments

Last year Florida adopted the federal standard for evaluating motions for summary judgment. To prevail, the moving party must show...

The Mindful Lawyer: Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

Last month’s column, Perry Mason and the Present Moment, explored mindful listening, a topic we’ll again consider, this time with...