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The Mindful Lawyer

A few weeks ago Burt Bacharach passed away at the age of 94. Bacharach is widely regarded as one of...

Mindfulness and Summary Judgments

Last year Florida adopted the federal standard for evaluating motions for summary judgment. To prevail, the moving party must show...

The Mindful Lawyer: Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

Last month’s column, Perry Mason and the Present Moment, explored mindful listening, a topic we’ll again consider, this time with...

Perry Mason and the Present Moment

This month’s column meanders like a river, flowing from television’s most popular trial attorney, to a largely forgotten courageous and...

‘How Mindfulness Helped Me Win a Jury Trial’

In this month’s column, trial attorney Roger Feicht shares some of the ways the practice of mindfulness meaningfully influenced the...

The Elements of a Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness practices and the law have a lot in common. Both are pathways for moving from confusion and conflict to...

The Mindful Lawyer: A License to Breathe

It is said that mindfulness practices are simple, but not easy. The same can be said about relaxation practices. The...

Mindfulness in a war zone

The study and practice of mindfulness draws on a variety of wisdom traditions spanning across the ages. One of the most...

The Mindful Lawyer: Waking Up This Summer

Did you notice the trees swaying in the breeze the last time you were outside? Did you observe the gentle...

The Mindful Lawyer: Being Present for Your Experience

In today’s column we are going to reverse engineer a popular mindfulness practice known as Focused Attention. Doing so will...