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Adding this clause to your contracts may boost your bottom line

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Maybe you want to cut a break for a good client facing unexpected litigation. Maybe it’s a relative. Maybe it’s...

Access commission studies self- and limited-help programs for pro se parties

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Access to legal services for everyone, regardless of income, isn’t just an aspirational goal but an achievable one, according to...

Board moves to regulate an internet advertising tactic

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The Board of Governors has signed off on proposed amendments to Rule 4-7.13 that began with complaints about Google AdWords,...

Lawson leads volunteers to Honduras

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FLORIDA SUPREME COURT Justice Alan Lawson and his wife, Julie Carlton Lawson, recently traveled to Honduras to do volunteer work...

Online registration for the 2019 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference is underway

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Online registration for the 2019 Voluntary Bar Leaders Conference, set for July 12-13 in Tampa, is now available. This year...

Point of View: Crucial support for backbone of Florida court, justice system

Facing an increasing number of key vacancies in critical positions and a growing disparity between starting salaries offered by Florida’s...

Access commission begins business outreach project

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 A new program to educate business leaders about the civil legal needs of their employees and how to help...

Supreme Court replaces Frye with Daubert in evidence rules

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On its own authority, the Florida Supreme Court has revisited and reversed its 2017 opinion and approved using the “Daubert”...

June 1, 2019 Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions
The Florida Supreme Court in recent court orders disciplined 19 attorneys — disbarring one, revoking the licenses of three, suspending...

FLA’s online career counseling available

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David Behrend, M.Ed., director of Career Planning Services for Lawyers in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and Judith Rushlow, executive director of Florida...