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Engle Grant

Harry Latimer Center for ProfessionalismThe Center for Professionalism received a $400,000 grant in February of 2019 to develop and maintain long-term professionalism and ethics programming for Florida law schools and young Florida Lawyers.

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Continuing Legal Education

How to Become the Lawyer You’re Supposed to Be

The Center organized and presented two Continuing Legal Education panel discussions (one at Florida State University College of Law and the other at the Florida Coastal School of Law) focused on professionalism and ethics. Topics included:

  • What it means to be client-focused;
  • How to help clients solve problems;
  • How to improve your interpersonal communications skills;
  • Health and wellness strategies;
  • The importance of mentoring; and
  • What Florida Bar resources are available to new attorneys.

Engle Grant Resources

Legal Professionalism in the Electronic Age

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement of “social distancing,” society has been forced to rethink ways to carry out its essential functions. One of the most profound shifts is the movement to video conferencing. With this shift, it is crucial to uphold the expectation of professionalism and civility within the legal profession. This guide and its resources provide some best practices and recommendations for practicing with professionalism virtually.

Resources for Young Lawyers

Code of Trial Conduct

Annotated Code of Trial Conduct: A Manual for Trial Practitioners and for Use as a Teaching Aid, published by the American College of Trial Lawyers, 2005.

Code of Pretrial and Trial Conduct, published by the American College of Trial Lawyers, June 2009.

Civility Initiative

The American College of Trial Lawyers Civility Initiative Project (February 2020) featuring Eugene K. Pettis, past president of The Florida Bar.