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Mid-year Local Professionalism Panel reports due in June, 2024.

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Local Professionalism Panels

Promoting Professionalism in Florida

It is an unfortunate fact that not all lawyers exercise the best judgment regarding their obligation to maintain professional behavior when dealing with the courts, the public, and their colleagues. The Florida Supreme Court has established specific methods of countering unprofessional behavior, whether or not it rises to the level of an ethical breach. One of those methods is working through your Local Professionalism Panel (LPP).

Each judicial circuit has an LPP composed of local attorneys who have been appointed to review complaints about attorneys’ perceived unprofessional behavior. This may be done informally by phone or more formally by email or regular mail. A local panel member will attempt to resolve the complaint informally if possible, or may choose to refer it to the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP) for further action.

Local Professionalism Panel Training

  • Course: #8354, intermediate
  • CLE credit: 1.5 hours, Professionalism or General

Professionalism vs. Ethics

Is your complaint related to professionalism or ethics? Watch this video to see examples. If your complaint constitutes an ethical breach, call the Attorney/Consumer Assistant Program hotline at 866-352-0707 or visit the ACAP page for more information.