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Hoeveler Judicial Professionalism Award Winners

The purpose of this award is to recognize an active judge who best exemplifies strength of character, service and competence as a jurist, lawyer, and public servant. Nominees should be judges who have communicated their dedication to the ideals of justice and demonstrated diligence in inspiring others to the mission of professionalism.

Past Winners

2021 Honorable Jonathan Sjostrom, Chief Judge, 2nd Judicial Circuit
2020 Honorable Marcia Morales Howard, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida
2019 Honorable Andrea R. Wolfson, Circuit Court Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit
2018 Honorable Paul C. Huck, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida
2017 Honorable Robert Paul LeBlanc, Circuit Court Judge, 9th Judicial Circuit
2016 Honorable Sheri Polster Chappell, Judge, United States Middle District of Florida
2015 Honorable Anne C. Conway, Chief U.S. District Court Judge, Middle District of Florida
2014 Honorable Claudia R. Isom, Circuit Court Judge, 13th Judicial Circuit
2013 Honorable Susan Harrell Black, U.S. Judge, 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
2013 Honorable Robert K. Rouse, Jr., Circuit Court Judge, 7th Judicial Circuit
2012 Honorable Belvin Perry, Jr., Chief Judge, 9th Judicial Circuit
2011 Honorable David A. Baker, U.S. Magistrate Judge, Middle District of Florida
2010 Honorable Peter T. Fay, Senior U.S. Circuit Judge, 11th Circuit
2009 Honorable John M. Scheb, Retired U.S. Judge, 2nd District Court of Appeals
2008 Honorable Raoul G. Cantero, III, Justice, Florida Supreme Court
2008 Honorable R. Fred Lewis, Chief Justice, Florida Supreme Court
2007 Honorable Robert N. Scola, Jr., Circuit Court Judge, 11th Judicial Circuit
2006 Honorable Ralph Artigliere, Circuit Court Judge, 10th Judicial Circuit
2005 Honorable Durand Adams, Circuit Court Judge, 12th Judicial Circuit
2004 Honorable Barbara J. Pariente, Justice, Florida Supreme Court
2003 Honorable William Terrell Hodges, Sr., U.S. Federal Court Judge, Middle District of Florida
2002 Honorable Major B. Harding, Justice, Florida Supreme Court
2001 Honorable William M. Hoeveler, Sr., U.S. Federal Court Judge, Southern District of Florida

All questions regarding the judicial award should be directed to the Center for Professionalism by email or by phone, 850-561-5747.