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Never Contemplated Podcast by The Florida Bar Center for Professionalism

Make No Apologies—Judge Rachel Nordby

Judge Rachel Nordby shares her experience and advice on balancing family and the bench. This podcast has been approved for 1 hour of General CLE Credit, 0.5 hours of Bias Elimination Credit, and 0.5 hours of Professionalism Credit. Course #4141.


Justice, Interrupted

Bradwell v People of State of Illinois

The Science of Working From Home

Recorded June 15, 2020

The Florida Bar Podcast welcomes Judge Robert Hilliard, Rebecca Bandy, and Jack Newton to explore their perspectives on the legal profession’s shift to remote work during the pandemic.

Voluntary Bar Service and Lawyer Wellness

Recorded January 13, 2020

A Conversation About Professionalism

Recorded November 11, 2019

Panelists Ashlea Edwards, Judge Paul Huck, Judge Nelly Khouzam, and Kara Rockenbach discuss current issues surrounding lawyer professionalism.

Jason Silver on Student Education and Admissions to the Bar

Recorded June 28, 2019

Jason Silver of the Student Education and Admissions to the Bar Committee talks about what his committee is doing to serve the Florida law student community.

The State of Professionalism in the Legal Industry

Recorded April 9, 2019

Rebecca Bandy and Adriannette Williams talk about how the Florida Bar is seeking to elevate professionalism among its lawyers.