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Professionalism Resources

To assist judges in managing various challenges that may arise with proceedings during the pandemic, the Workgroup on Continuity of Court Operations and Proceedings During and After COVID-19 has developed best practices on the following topics:

  • Facilitating Pro Se Litigants with Remote Appearance Technology
  • Representing Yourself and Using Remote Appearance Technology with the Courts
  • Management of Evidence in Remote Hearings in Civil and Family Cases
  • Out-of-County Inmates

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Legal Professionalism in the Electronic Age: Special considerations for attorneys and judges for practicing with professionalism virtually.

5 Legal Malpractice Danger Zones for Florida Lawyers During COVID-19

Legal Accelerator: Virtual Mentoring

This members-only, virtual-mentor resource developed by The Florida Bar’s Young Lawyers Division is your one-stop hub for the most common questions affecting lawyers today, in an easily searchable database of videos, articles and blog posts.

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Professionalism Handbook

This handbook includes a collection of professionalism resources designed to help students at Florida law schools learn the importance of civility and professionalism in the legal profession. It includes selected chapters of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar along with Professionalism Expectations, and the Guidelines for Professional Conduct.

This guide and its resources embody and reflect the substance of the professional identity, personality, character, and fitness to practice law which each member of the Bar should exemplify.

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Cover of the 2019-20 Professionalism Handbook

Best Practices for Professional Electronic Communication

Lawyers use multiple forms of communication on a daily basis to diligently advocate and are in a constant state of communication with clients, opposing counsel, the court and colleagues. This guide provides best practices for the most popularly used forms of electronic communication.

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Professionalism Library

Hosted by the Florida International University College of Law, the Henry Latimer Professionalism Library Guide provides information and recommended resources regarding practicing law with professionalism in Florida.

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Bounds of Advocacy: Goals for Family Lawyers in Florida

Developed by The Family Law Section Ad Hoc Bounds of Advocacy Committee, this publication is a tool to guide Florida family lawyers through the quagmire of professional and ethical dilemmas that are unique to the practice of family law. The intent is to suggest a higher level of practice than the minimum baseline of conduct required by the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, and the goal is to elevate professionalism in the practice of family law.

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Bounds of Advocacy Goals for Family Lawyers guide

Health & Wellness Resources

The Florida Bar’s Mental Health & Wellness of Florida Lawyers Committee and the Young Lawyers Division (YLD) are working to destigmatize mental illness, recommend best practices and remedies, and help bring more balance into members’ daily professional lives.

Explore Mental Health & Wellness Resources

Well-Being Toolkit for Lawyers and Legal Employers

This Well-Being Toolkit, created by Anne M. Brafford for use by the American Bar Association, offers reasons for prioritizing lawyer well-being as well as information, strategies, and resources for implementing a plan for positive change.

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Trial Lawyers Section Guidelines for Professional Conduct

Members of the Trial Lawyers Section of The Florida Bar developed these guidelines as part of a continuous effort increase the level of professionalism in trial practice in Florida.

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