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Regulating Professionalism

From codified expectations to Rules of Professional Conduct, The Florida Bar has many tools with which to promote and regulate professionalism.

CLE Requirement

Interactive instruction focused on the meaning and application of professionalism in daily practice.

Creed of Professionalism

Intended to reflect core concepts of professionalism.

Guidelines for Professional Conduct

Direction to lawyers and judges concerning how lawyers should conduct themselves in all phases of trial practice.

Local Professionalism Panels

These local panels review complaints about attorneys’ perceived unprofessional behavior.

Oath of Admission

General principles guiding the practice of law that are sworn to upon admission to The Florida Bar

Professionalism Expectations

Established by The Florida Bar Standing Committee on Professionalism

Professionalism Resources

Designed to help attorneys and students at Florida law schools learn the importance of civility and professionalism.

Rules of Professional Conduct

Chapter 4 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar covers rules of professional conduct.