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Professionalism Resources for Law Students

So, You Want to Become a Lawyer?

The Law School Handbook is intended to help students who are interested in going to law school or are considering law as a career. It covers what to expect on your educational path in pursuit of a law degree, as well as the career opportunities that may be open to you once you obtain your law degree.

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So You Want to Become a Lawyer? Law School Handbook
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Law School Handbook Videos

In this video series, created to supplement the handbook, lawyers and judges share their personal paths to careers in law and provide helpful tips on choosing a practice area, the Bar admissions process and the importance of self-care during law school and beyond.

In this video, attorney Debra Davis discusses the Bar admissions process and shares some of the most common pitfalls law students may encounter when submitting their character and fitness application.
Attorneys Jaclyn Behar and John Dorris share their experiences with the practice of law and provide advice on the importance of maintaining wellness and self-care during law school and beyond.
Lawyers Christian Gander, Deborah Katchuk and Jorge Piedra share their experiences after law school, the path that got them where they are today, and practical advice on choosing a practice area.
Judge Abby Cynamon shares why she wanted to become a judge and how her early career experiences prepared her for the bench. She also provides resources to learn more about becoming a judge.
Michael D. Wild and Guy Noa explain why it is vital to keep an open mind while in law school. Wild shares how his mentality of “experience as many things as possible” led him to practice transactional law. Guy Noa shares why keeping an open mind is essential to effective representation.

The Attorney-Client Relationship

The Student Education and Admission to the Bar Committee of The Florida Bar presented an interactive workshop on the attorney-client relationship. This workshop begins with a brief panel discussion on the attorney-client relationship in general. Students will learn how to find clients, how to sign clients, and how to maintain happy paying clients.

How to Become the Lawyer You’re Supposed to Be

The Center for Professionalism received a $400,000 grant in February of 2019 to develop and maintain long-term professionalism and ethics programming for Florida law schools and young Florida Lawyers. These presentations were part of that effort.

The Center organized and presented two Continuing Legal Education panel discussions (one at Florida State University College of Law and the other at the Florida Coastal School of Law) focused on professionalism and ethics. Topics included:

  • What it means to be client-focused;
  • How to help clients solve problems;
  • How to improve your interpersonal communications skills;
  • Health and wellness strategies;
  • The importance of mentoring; and
  • What Florida Bar resources are available to new attorneys.

Professionalism vs. Ethics

Pro Tips

Erin Weinstock's tips and trick for taking the Bar exam

G.C. Murray on the importance of mentorship

The YLD enlisted the help of Bar leaders and experts in filming a variety of targeted videos aimed at helping young lawyers in the formative years of their practice.

Mentoring with the Masters

Mentoring with the Masters, created by The Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division, helps bridge the gap between law school and practice. Each video addresses a different topic area and contains helpful hints, tricks and practical information that every lawyer needs to know to have a successful career.