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Navigating the legal world
can be overwhelming.

Navigating the legal world
can be overwhelming.
We are here to help.


We are here to protect
and to assist.

The Florida Bar protects the public by prosecuting unethical attorneys, and investigating and prosecuting the unlicensed practice of law. We also work hard to assist people who are trying to get information about Florida’s legal system.

For public record information regarding any Florida Bar attorney, visit the Public Records Request page or send us an email.

For individuals who are unsure if a lawyer has acted ethically or who are dissatisfied and wish to consider whether filing a complaint may be appropriate, The Florida Bar operates the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP). ACAP staff, including attorneys, handle complaints and may be able to resolve problems before a complaint is filed.

Covers clients’ rights when retaining a lawyer, handling problems with your attorney, lawyer referral, problems with other attorneys and complaints against elected officials.

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Voter Resources

Learn about judicial
and merit retention elections

The “Guide for Florida Voters,” an easy-to-read, nonpartisan FAQ that provides answers to your questions about judicial elections and merit retention.

Learn about judicial elections and merit retention


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