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Foreclosure Help
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Foreclosure Help

The Consumer Protection Law Committee has foreclosure information for consumers and attorneys. Free housing counseling is available from and NeighborWorks America for people facing foreclosure. If you have been served papers, contact your local legal aid office immediately: . The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service offers referrals to attorneys for low-fee consultations.

Supreme Court ruling on mediation in foreclosure cases and links to local implementing orders

Help for consumers

Resources for Florida homeowners who are out of work, facing financial problems and trying to save their homes.

Special Housing Help
Information on the Florida Hardest-Hit program and the Principal Reduction Florida Hardest-Hit Fund.

Finding an Attorney/Legal Aid
Information about The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service, Legal Aid agencies and questions to ask an attorney.

Avoiding Foreclosure and Housing Scams
Homeowners can find tips and help from state and federal agencies to deal with housing issues and avoid becoming victims of scammers. Also relevant terms to know.

Help for attorneys

Resources for attorneys who are being asked to handle foreclosure defense and other consumer law cases that they may not have handled before; and for lawyers who are being contacted by companies offering to hire them for foreclosure-rescue or loan-modification work.

Be wary of offers for hire regarding housing issues and work that seem to good to be true.

Ethics’ Alerts
Be aware of what you can and cannot do in helping consumers with their mortgages under Florida and U.S law as well as the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

Federal and state agencies have materials to help attorneys assist their clients. Also includes new cases filed with Florida Supreme Court regarding foreclosure fraud.

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