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Consumer pamphlets
The Florida Bar provides consumer pamphlets on legal topics of general interest as a service to the public. To make the information more accessible, Florida Bar leaders past and present and members of the Citizens Advisory Committee recorded videos of information derived from pamphlets. Additional information is available in the pamphlets online.

A Civil or a Criminal Case?, Edward Blumberg

Adoption in Florida, Linda Goldstein

Attorney Fees, Gregory Coleman

Buying a Home, Steve Deneke

Buying a Mobile Home, Susan Grady

Consumer Bankruptcy in Florida, Steve Deneke

Do You Have a Will?, Paulette Simms

Florida Legal Guide for New Adults, #JustAdulting

General Information on Consumer Protection, Sharon Middleton

Grievance Mediation, Jesse Diner

Hiring the Right Person to Help Me with My Legal Problem, Susan Grady

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Auto Repair Fraud, Larry Tyree

Handbook for Jurors, Bill Conrad

Notaries, Immigration and the Law, Susan Grady

Power of Attorney, Larry Tyree

Probate in Florida, Steve Deneke

Rights and Duties of Landlords, Linda Goldstein

Rights and Duties of Tenants, Sharon Middleton

So You Want to Be a Lawyer?, Eugene Pettis

What is Guardianship?, Linda Goldstein

Your Rights and Responsibilities When Applying for Credit or a Loan, Bill Conrad

Your Rights and Responsibilities When Applying for Credit or a Loan: Credit Reports, Sharon Middleton

“Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education” offers attorneys activities they can use to talk about government and the courts when they are invited to speak to adult civic and community groups. This is a critical mission of The Florida Bar. An informed public is the best defense of a vigorous democracy, the rule of law and a fair and impartial judiciary. Overviews and supporting materials for all Benchmarks activities are available online.

Benchmarks, Eugene Pettis

The Florida Bar FAQs
What is The Florida Bar? What are the questions that attorneys opening law practices need answered? What are the ethics questions most asked by attorneys? These questions and more are answered in Florida Bar FAQ videos.

The Florida Bar, Leonard H. Gilbert

ACAP, Shanell Schuyler

CLER, Gerald Richman

Inventory Attorney, Arne Vanstrum

Lawyer Regulation, Gwynne A. Young

Qualified Lawyers, John W. Frost II

Running a Law Practice, Gregory Coleman

10 Most Asked Questions on Ethics Hotline, Elizabeth Tarbert

The Vote’s In Your Court
Every two years in the General Election voters in Florida are given the opportunity to vote on judges serving on the Florida Supreme Court and the state’s five District Courts of Appeal. Information about the state’s merit selection/retention system, voter resources and The Florida Bar’s Guide for Florida Voters are included on this page.

Guide for Florida Voters, Judges & Judicial Elections, Steve Zack