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Tips for Making a Good Benchmarks Presentation

  • When scheduling your presentation, choose nonpartisan organizations/audiences.
  • Remember, your goal is to teach participants how to consider an issue, not what to think.
  • Follow the outline but be flexible, depending on time constraints and audience.
  • Leave personal agendas at the door. Do not politicize the presentation.
  • Do not make jokes or disparaging remarks about government officials or institutions.
  • Do not use labels such as conservative, liberal, etc.
  • Prepare in advance. Ask about the set-up of the room, anticipated number of participants, equipment, etc.
  • Be conversational in your approach. Connect with the audience. Do not read the PowerPoint slides.
  • Be respectful of diverse viewpoints.
  • Do not debate. Invite someone who wants to discuss an issue to speak with you afterward.
  • Do not use the program as an opportunity to solicit business.
  • Bring someone to help with distribution of materials and equipment as needed.
  • Thank your audience. Leave them with something to think about or read — example: Constitution pamphlets.

Developed by the Florida Law Related Education Association