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Judicial Candidates for County Judge

Judicial Candidate Voluntary Self-Disclosure Statement-County Court runoffs

Through the Judicial Candidate Voluntary Self-Disclosure Statement, The Florida Bar offers judicial candidates the opportunity to provide information about themselves and their backgrounds to the public in preparation for an election.

Candidates attest to the accuracy of the information in the voluntary self-disclosure statements, but the disclosures should not be viewed as endorsements by The Florida Bar.

All judicial candidates were invited to submit a Self-Disclosure Statement by June 18. Only those who submitted a statement are listed here.


Group 2

Craig DeThomasis



Group 9

Group 19

Allison Gilman



Group 2

Jim Moon



County judge           

David Horton



Group 2

Lisa Allen

Greg Green

Group 8

Jack Gutman


Indian River

Group 2

Nicole Menz



County judge

Deborah M. Hooker


Palm Beach

Group 4

Allegra Fung

Ashley Zuckerman



Group 2




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