The Florida Bar

Circuit Judge Candidate Voluntary Self-Disclosure Statements

The Florida Bar offers judicial candidates the opportunity to provide information about themselves and their backgrounds to the public in preparation for an election. Candidates attest to the accuracy of the information in the voluntary self-disclosure statements, but the disclosures should not be viewed as endorsements by The Florida Bar.


At the circuit court level, 170 seats were up for election. Twenty races are contested, including 15 seats held by incumbent judges. Seven open seats drew only one candidate. (See list of contested and uncontested races.) The trial court contests will appear on the August primary ballot and any runoffs will be resolved in the general election.

vote's in your court
Map showing Florida's 20 judicial districts by county
Nicholas "Nick" Fiorentino, Group 22
Cynthia Newton, Group 22
Scott Finelli, Group 27
Keith Meyer, Group 27
Sean Brewer, Group 12
AuBroncee Martin, Group 12
Alison Kerestes, Group 9
Fay Olga Pappas, Group 9
John D.W. Beamer, Group 14
Vincent S. Chiu, Group 44
Lody Jean, Group 3
Brenda Guerrero, Group 20
Robert T. Watson, Group 20
Nancy Jacobs, Group 37
Jared Smith, Group 37
Alcolya St. Juste, Group 23
Caryn Siperstein, Group 23
Lauren Melissa Alperstein, Group 9
Andrea Ruth Gundersen, Group 9
Alex Arreaza, Group 14
William W. Haury, Jr., Group 14
Gary M. Farmer, Jr., Group 23
Rhoda Sokoloff, Group 23
Tania Maria Williams, Group 23
Tamar Hamilton, Group 51
Denise Kistner, Group 51
Lorena V. Mastrarrigo, Group 51
Rebecca White, Group 1
Leatha Dawn Mullins, Group 2
Alexander Stuart Nelson, Group 2