The Florida Bar

County Judge Candidate Voluntary Self-Disclosure Statements

The Florida Bar offers judicial candidates the opportunity to provide information about themselves and their backgrounds to the public in preparation for an election. Candidates attest to the accuracy of the information in the voluntary self-disclosure statements, but the disclosures should not be viewed as endorsements by The Florida Bar.


Thirty-two county court races will go to voters on the August 23 primary ballot; seventy-five county judge seats were uncontested. (See contested and uncontested races by county.)

Kelly Ingram, Group 2
Kimberly Musselman, Group 4
Chris Marion Brown, Group 15
Suzette Hyde, Group 15
Mardi Anne Levey Cohen, Group 26
Edward C. Spaight, Group 1
Lisa Elaine Yeager, Group 1
Raymond Edward Forbess, Group 1
Linette "Starr" Brookins, Group 14
Jason Jones, Group 1
Mario R. Theodore, Group 1
Danielle B. Ruse, Group 1
Renee E. Thompson, Group 1
William A. Harris, Group 2
Lissette De La Rosa, Group 19
Jeffrey Michael Kolokoff, Group 19
Alicia Garcia Priovolos, Group 42
Scott Janowitz, Group 42
Andrew Asher Bain, Group 2
Michael Morris, Group 8
Elizabeth Josephine Starr, Group 8
Amanda Sampaio Bova, Group 9
Josh Adams, Group 17
Elizabeth Gibson, Group 17
Paul A. Damico, Group 9
Karen Velez, Group 9
Clementine "CC" Conde, Group 4
Patrick Moore, Group 4
Della Cope, Group 1
David Constantine Moran, Group 1
Megan Roach, Group 1
Kenneth Joseph Afienko, Group 13
Kathleen T. "Kathy" Hessinger, Group 13
John Brian Flynn, Group 8
Ruth Knight, Group 8
Carmalita Lall, Group 8
Adam David Patton, Group 8
Jennifer Kuyrkendall Griffin
Arminda W. "Mindy" Janousek
Ryan Jennings Peters