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Prepaid Legal Services

A Prepaid Legal Services Plan is created when a group (called a sponsor in the rules) contracts directly with a managing attorney for the provision of legal services to its members. A managing attorney is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar who is responsible to The Bar for the proper conduct and operation of the plan.


Chapter 9: Group and Prepaid Legal Services Rules

Office of Insurance Regulation – Prepaid Legal Expense Insurance Corporations List

  • Under Company Type select ‘Legal Expense Insurance’ from the drop-down list, or 
  • Under Authorized Lines of Business select ‘Prepaid Legal’ from the drop-down list

Prepaid Legal Services Committee

What Every Florida Attorney Should Know About Chapter 9 Legal Services Plans

What Every Florida Consumer Should Know About Legal Services Plans

Chapter 9 Plan Application Forms

Chapter 9 Plan Application Packet Introduction
Request For Approval Of Chapter 9 Plan Application
Chapter 9 Plan Identifying Information
Assurances By The Managing Attorney
Agreement By And Between Managing Attorney and Sponsor
Affirmative Statement By Managing Attorney
Affirmation And Verification By The Managing Attorney
Assurance By Specified Member Of The Managing Attorney’s Law Firm
Affirmative Statement By Specified Member Of The Managing Attorney’s Law Firm
Assurance By Plan Attorney
Affirmative Statement By Plan Attorney
Application Packet Operating Rules