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Speaking Out is dedicated to Speakers Bureau volunteers. Email items of interest to Dorohn A. Frazier or mail to The Florida Bar Speakers Bureau, 651 E. Jefferson St., Tallahassee, FL 32399–2300. Send us a picture from your speaking event to be featured in Speakers Showcase. Please limit file size to 2MB or smaller and send as jpg or png file type.

Speaking Out

Eloquence Makes Every Word Important

Speaking is a big part of every lawyer’s job, and it’s especially so for those who give presentations. Eloquence is the opposite of jargon – it focuses on “the perfect bite” as opposed to “word salad.” This Attorney at Work article can help you better connect with an audience by making every word count.

A woman in an orange sweater stands at a table with a PowerPoint presentation on her laptop.

Five PowerPoint Tips for Engaging Presentations

Death by PowerPoint has become the butt of jokes across social media; people complain about endless rows of text on nearly every slide, and speakers who drone on and on. In this article, award-winning entrepreneur and leadership expert Rachel Wells gives five skills you need to master so you can craft and deliver slide…


How to Flex Your Spontaneous Speaking Skills

Improvisation — the art of saying or doing something relevant to the moment, yet completely unplanned — is a great way to get people laughing. Learn how to combine the basic foundation of public speaking with a fast-thinking improv to improve your presentations.