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On November 9, 2017, the Supreme Court of Florida entered an order amending the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar in In re Amendments to Rules Regulating Florida Bar (Biennial Petition), No. SC16-1961, 42 Fla. L. Weekly S903, (Fla. Nov. 9, 2017). Among the changes were amendments to Rule 4-7.18 regarding what constitutes direct, in person solicitation and requirements for direct mail advertisements.


On March 8, 2018, the Supreme Court of Florida adopted amendments to rules relating to lawyer referral services proposed by the bar in case number SC16-1470.  In re: Amendments to the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar – Subchapter 4-7 (Lawyer Referral Services).  For more information on the LRS amendments, please visit the bar’s dedicated page.


On March 28, 2014, the Board of Governors adopted a new policy interpreting Rule 4-7.19 regarding filing and review of lawyer advertisements. The new policy will go into effect on July 1, 2014. The policy is as follows:

The Board of Governors policy regarding review of lawyer advertisements is that any change of any kind to an advertisement renders the advertisement a new advertisement with a new filing fee of $150 per timely filed advertisement and $250 per untimely filed advertisement. The only exception is a revision to an existing advertisement that is solely to comply with a bar opinion that the advertisement does not comply with the lawyer advertising rules, for which no additional fee will be charged. Any change includes, but is not limited to, any change to wording, illustrations, photographs, typographical marks, layout, or color scheme.

The Board of Governors also directed staff to monitor cost of program administration compared with fees and report to the Board of Governors whether a reduction in filing fees is warranted.
Proposed Advisory Advertising Opinion

Florida Advisory Advertising Opinion A-00-1 Modified by the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors modified Florida Advisory Advertising Opinion A-00-1 at its January 29, 2016 meeting. The opinion as modified concludes that a lawyer may solicit prospective clients through Internet chat rooms, defined as real time communications between computer users, only if the lawyer complies with the rules on direct written communications and files any unsolicited communications with The Florida Bar for review. Lawyers may respond to specific questions posed to them in chat rooms. Lawyers should be cautious not to inadvertently form attorney-client relationships with computer users.

Proposed Advisory Opinion A-12-1 Withdrawn by Board of Governors

On December 13, 2013, the Board of Governors voted to withdraw Proposed Advisory Opinion A-12-1, which concluded that lawyers may not use techniques such as meta tags and hidden text on their websites in a deceptive manner, such as: “use another lawyer’s or law firm’s name without a proper purpose, a false representation that a law firm has an office in a particular location when the lawyer does not have an office at that location or representing that a lawyer handles cases in an area of practice that the lawyer or firm does not practice.” The opinion also concludes that a lawyer may not purchase another lawyer’s name as an ad word. The Board of Governors determined that the proposed advisory opinion should be withdrawn because the BRC is of the opinion that the purchase of ad words is permissible as long as the resulting sponsored links clearly are advertising based on their placement and wording, and because meta tags and hidden text are outdated forms of web optimization that are penalized by search engines and can be dealt with via existing rules prohibiting misleading forms of advertising.



The Handbook on Lawyer Advertising & Solicitation is an annual publication by the Standing Committee on Advertising. This handy reference gives general information on lawyer advertising, how to file advertisements with The Florida Bar, current rules regarding advertising and sample ads for reference. The handbook was updated 7/29/16 and includes the most recent amendments to the lawyer advertising rules. To obtain the full handbook, please download both the handbook (850 KB) and the sample advertisements (2.2 MB).

Attorney advertising rule Chapter 4-7 Rules Regulating The Florida Bar.

Lawyer advertising filing requirements


To assist Florida Bar members in filing their advertisements for review, staff of the Ethics and Advertising Department created cover sheets for your use that address many of the common omissions and questions in filing advertisements. You are not required to file the cover sheet with your advertisement. If you choose to use the cover sheet, we hope it will help expedite the review process. For information on which advertisements are required to be filed for review, please see Attorney Advertising Filing Requirements above. For your convenience, these forms are available in 2 formats: one you can print and fill out, the other you can fill in and save the completed form in your own system.

Coversheet For TV & Radio Advertisements (Word / PDF)

Coversheet For Print Advertisements (Word / PDF)

Coversheet For Direct Mail & Email Advertisements (Word / PDF)

Coversheet For Internet Advertisements (Word / PDF)


Guidelines for Social Networking Sites

Guidelines for Video Sharing Sites

Guidelines for an Attorney’s Statement of Qualifications and Experience

Guidelines for a Law Firm’s Statement of Qualifications and Experience

Guidelines for a Lawyer Referral Service’s Statement of Qualifications and Experience

Bona Fide Offices


Quick Reference Checklist – T.V. & and Radio

Quick Reference Checklist – Print Ads

Quick Reference Checklist – Direct Mail (PDF / Word)

Quick Reference Checklist – Electronic Mail

Quick Reference Checklist – Internet Banner Ads

Quick Reference Checklist – Websites


Florida Bar Procedures for Issuing Advisory Opinions Relating to Lawyer Advertising or Solicitation (Revised by the Board of Governors on July 29, 2016)

Rules Regulating The Florida Bar: Chapter 15. Review of Lawyer Advertisements and Solicitations

Ethics Opinions on Advertising and Solicitation

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Speech Doctrine

Standards for Lawyer Sanctions in Advertising and Solicitation Rule Violations

Advertise in The Florida Bar News, Journal and Website


Forms for filing initial quarterly reports for for-profit lawyer referral services are available below. Please see Rule 4-7.22, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, to review the requirements for these referral services.

Initial Private Lawyer Referral Letter Package

Lawyer Referral Services Current in Florida Reporting Requirements