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The Florida Supreme Court Committee on Standard Jury Instruction in Civil Cases is currently accepting applications for membership, with terms beginning January 2, 2022. The application deadline is May 31, 2021.

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About Civil Jury Instructions

The website contains standard jury instructions prepared by the Florida Supreme Court Standard Jury Instructions Committee (Civil) and approved for publication by the Florida Supreme Court.

Using the Instructions

For information on how to use standard jury instructions, including when they are useful and when they are required, please refer to the How to Use The Standard Jury Instructions page and Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.470(b).

The Committee encourages trial judges and trial counsel to suggest revisions to the standard instructions by contacting us via email.

Viewing the Instructions

Links to each individual Standard Jury Instruction for Civil Cases are provided in Rich Text Format. These documents are best viewed in a word processing application (Word or Pages, etc.), not using a viewer.

Please note: To ensure you are viewing the most recent version of an instruction, refresh your browser if you have viewed the instruction in the past. This will clear the older version from your browser’s history.

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