The Florida Bar

Criminal & Jimmy Ryce Jury Instructions Committee

Committee Members

Chair, The Honorable F. Rand Wallis, Judge, Fifth District Court of Appeal
Vice Chair, The Honorable Thomas D. Winokur, Judge, First District Court of Appeal
The Honorable James M. Colaw, Judge, Eighth Judicial Circuit
The Honorable Steven J. Levin, Judge, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit
The Honorable Francis J. Allman, Judge, Second Judicial Circuit
The Honorable Daryl E. Trawick, Judge, Eleventh Judicial Circuit
The Honorable Howard “Rex” Dimmig, Public Defender, Tenth Judicial Circuit
Ms. Elizabeth Constantine, Assistant State Attorney, Sixth Judicial Circuit
Mr. Chris W. Altenbernd, Attorney At Law, Tampa, FL
Ms. Catherine Marlowe, Assistant State Attorney, Ninth Judicial Circuit
Ms. M. Caroline McCrae, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Southern District of Florida
Mr. Garett Berman, Executive Director, Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association


Bart Schneider
Office of the State Courts Administrator
Jett Conn
Office of the State Courts Administrator


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