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Unlicensed Practice of Law- Consumer Help

Rules Regulating The Florida Bar: Chapter 10 – Rules Governing the Investigation and Prosecution of the Unlicensed Practice of Law.

“Hiring The Right Person To Help Me With My Legal Problems” Pamphlet

Filing An Unlicensed Practice of Law Complaint” Pamphlet
(Please read the UPL Complaint Pamphlet before completing the UPL Complaint Form.)

Florida Bar UPL Complaint Form

You must save the form to your computer. (To save the form, look for the download arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.) Do not type in the form without saving it first to your computer. If you try to complete the form online in your browser window, your information may not be saved.2) Open the saved file from your computer and type in your information. You will need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to open the document properly (Get a free copy of Adobe Reader here). Save the completed Complaint form to your computer.

Formulario de Queja de la Práctica No Autorizada Del Derecho (Complaint form in Spanish)

Folleto ‘Cómo Presentar una Queja por la Práctica No Autorizada del Derecho’ (UPL pamphlet in Spanish)

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