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Florida Rules of Court Procedure

Florida Rules of Procedure. To purchase a print copy of the Florida Rules of Procedure, go to the LexisNexis bookstore. Historic Rules/Forms 3.988, 3.990, 3.991, and 3.992. Florida Supreme Court Standards for Electronic Access to the Courts provides guidance and specific technical information about court document filings.

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Florida Rules of Court Procedure: Florida Rules of Court Procedure arranged by area of law. Florida Standard Jury Instructions : Standard Jury Instructions for each type — Civil, Contract and Business, Criminal, and Jimmy Ryce (Involuntary Civil Commitment) cases — are prepared by the Florida Supreme Court Standard Jury Instructions ...

Litigants must restate question when ... - Florida Bar News

Litigants, when responding to requests for production, written deposition questions, interrogatories, and requests for admission, must restate the posed questions before answering or providing another response under a new civil procedure rule. The Supreme Court on October 7 approved adding subdivision (i) to Rule of Civil Procedure 1.280 (General Provisions Governing Discovery).

A Primer on Florida’s New Summary Judgment Standard – The ...

The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure are intended to “secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action.”[1] The Florida Constitution, however, mandates that “[t]he right to trial by jury shall be secure to all and remain inviolate.”[2] This tension between an efficient court system, on one hand, and protecting one’s right to a jury of his or her peers, on the ...

A Review of the 2020 Amendment to Rule ... - The Florida Bar

The U.S. Supreme Court has approved an amendment to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(6) — the first-ever substantive amendment to this rule — which took effect on December 1, 2020. This amendment is the result of years of complaints by practitioners that the rule was fertile ground for abuse and circumvention of discovery rules designed to encourage proportionality and equity for all ...

Attaching Reason, Not Documents, to Rule ... - The Florida Bar

Guidance from the Federal Rules The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure do not explicitly contain a counterpart to Florida Rule 1.130. 28 But, in federal pleading practice, the same concepts driving the Florida rule exist, and they are generally applied as this article suggests Rule 1.130 should be applied.

County and circuit Court jurisdiction ... - The Florida Bar

On January 1, changes in Florida state law and the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure will go into effect, changing where a variety of court actions are heard. On the first day of 2020: • County court jurisdictional thresholds increase to $30,000 on January 1, 2020, and to $50,000 on January 1, 2023. • Small claims cases on January 1, 2020, will include cases up to $8,000.

Civil Jury Instructions

Historically, a general verdict on compensatory damages was considered appropriate, and that is the only form of verdict provided in the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. See Fla.R.Civ.P. Form 1.986(a). However, with the advent of special verdicts and bifurcation of issues, it is now common for cases to be submitted to the jury with a special ...

Reconsideration or Rehearing: Is There a ... - The Florida Bar

Ask any civil trial lawyer in Florida how many days one has to move for rehearing of an order simply granting a motion for summary judgment, and the odds are good the lawyer will respond, “Ten days.” Pursue the matter further with the lawyer, and ask where this 10-day period is set forth in the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, and the lawyer will invariably point to Rule 1.530, which by ...