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Adriana Linares and Renee Thompson interview Liz McCausland, Melanie Griffin, and Barbara Leach about maintaining successful careers while being involved with Bar committees. The interviewees talk about mentoring young lawyers, encouraging and helping potential leaders, and expanding community service within the legal field.

Digital Evidence and E-Discovery | LegalFuel

Adriana Linares chats with Computer Forensic Examiner Craig Ball about the importance of understanding electronic evidence and e-discovery.

Web-Based Practice Management Programs | LegalFuel

Adriana Linares interviews four practice management specialists about the benefits of their products.

Florida Bar Winter Meeting: Joseph Corsmeier on Legal ...

Florida Bar Podcast host Adriana Linares interviews attorney Joseph Corsmeier about technology competency for lawyers at the 2015 Winter Meeting of The Florida Bar.

Leadership Academy learns about the ‘fat middle’ – The ...

Adriana Linares, an outside technology consultant for the Bar, asked the Leadership Academy fellows if they had ever thought about “attacking that market.” “You all are the answer to this problem,” she told the leadership class. “You don’t need a third party. You don’t need a platform.

Daily News Summary

Adriana Linares founded LawTech Partners in 2004 after several years in the IT departments of two of the largest firms in Florida. Now she travels across Florida, throughout the country and sometimes abroad as a law practice consultant and legal technology coach.

Board considers enhanced technology CLE component – The ...

Adriana Linares, president of LawTech Partners, Inc., who advises the Bar on technology issues, asked if board members believed that converting a Word file to a PDF strips the metadata out of a document.

Florida Bar Winter Meeting: Peter Sweeney on Technology ...

Florida Bar Podcast host Adriana Linares interviews Peter Sweeney, Deputy City Attorney of Palm Bay, Florida, at the 2015 Winter Meeting of The Florida Bar. As the chairman of the Member Benefits Committee of the Florida Bar, Sweeney discusses adding technological tools like Clio and Rocket Matter to member benefits and the vetting process of these tools.

Starting a Nonprofit Law Firm | LegalFuel

"Adriana Linares speaks with Open Legal Services co-founders Shantelle Argyle and Daniel Spencer about starting their nonprofit law firm.

How to Use Time Management and Mindfulness to Improve Your ...

Many solo and small firm lawyers have a hard time managing their practices in addition to being a lawyer full time. Most lawyers in any field are interested in efficient time management. On this episode of The Florida Bar Podcast, Adriana Linares and Renee Thompson speak with law firm coach Nora Bergman about how lawyers...