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Consumer Pamphlet: Divorce In Florida

In Florida, a divorce is called a “dissolution of marriage.” Florida is one of the many states that have abolished fault as a ground for dissolution of marriage. The only requirement to dissolve a marriage is for one of the parties to prove that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Either spouse can file for the dissolution of marriage.

Consumer Pamphlet: Parenting and Divorce

In a divorce situation, the parents should at all times conduct themselves and their activities in a way that will promote the welfare and best interests of the children. It is the public policy of Florida that each child has frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents separate or the marriage is dissolved.

Divorcing Spouses Can File Income Tax ... - The Florida Bar

Divorcing Spouses Can File Income Tax Returns as Unmarried Individuals Prior to Dissolution of Marriage. Vol. 71, No. 3 March 1997 Pg 85 Melvyn B. Frumkes Family Law. If the divorcing spouses are married at the end of the year, it is usually, but not always, 1 beneficial to file joint tax returns. However, if one spouse refuses to join the other in a joint return, 2 there is still an advantage to a spouse in filing as an unmarried individual rather than as married, filing separately. 3 This ...

Bifurcation of Dissolution of Marriage ... - The Florida Bar

Florida does not yet have legislation to make health insurance coverage possible where a change of marital status has occurred. Spouses whose medical insurance terminates upon divorce, pursuant to the terms of the policy, should be entitled to the same coverage without proof of insurability.

Age-appropriate Time Sharing for ... - The Florida Bar

Age-appropriate Time Sharing for Divorced Parents. Vol. 81, No. 6 June 2007 Pg 84 Dr. Andrea Corn and Howard Raab Family Law. In 1991, with the creation of the Commission on Family Courts, Florida began a process of substantially changing the way in which the courts deal with family law-related matters.1 Over the years, in addition to streamlining the way related family law cases are handled, the concept of “therapeutic justice” has been woven into the fabric of the family court ...

Stock Options in Divorce: Assets or Income?

Florida’s Supreme Court has held that post-dissolution contributions to a retirement plan are not subject to equitable distribution, 14 and the First District Court of Appeal has stated that benefits not accrued during a marriage are not subject to equitable distribution. 15 It is interesting to note that tax courts have found that an item “accrues” when all events occur which fix the amount and determine liability. 16 If an option for future performance is for events that have yet to ...

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