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Five PowerPoint Tips for Engaging Presentations

March 27, 2024

Death by PowerPoint has become the butt of jokes across social media; people complain about endless rows of text on nearly every slide, and speakers who drone on and on. In this article, award-winning entrepreneur and leadership expert Rachel Wells gives five skills you need to master so you can craft and deliver slide decks that capture your audience’s attention and gain their buy-in.

The Seven Essentials Of Public Speaking

Public speaking coach Meta Groselj writes that mastering presentation skills requires a combination of understanding self (nonverbal and verbal messages you send), understanding audiences (their needs and wants, pains and gains), and understanding content (knowing what message you want to share with the world and why). Groselj breaks down the seven essentials in this article.

Meet the Newest Toastmasters International Accredited Speakers

What does it take to achieve the prestigious Accredited Speaker designation? Find out in the Toastmasters International Podcast, as the hosts interview the three most recent recipients of the honor (only 93 people have attained it since the program was founded in 1981). The podcast and companion article dive into their journeys and their presentations; you might just pick up some tips along the way.