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How to Make Your Presentations Pop

June 28, 2023

In many years of making dynamic presentations for all kinds of hearings and audiences, Nextpoint – a Florida Bar Member Benefit provider – has learned that there are a few important steps that will ensure your slides have the weight and power they deserve.

What Makes an Award-Winning Speech

In this Toastmasters International Podcast, 2019 World Champion of Public Speaking Aaron Beverly provides an inside look at what constitutes a winning speech. He shares details of specific choices he made in the construction and delivery of his humorous award-winning speech on the heavy subject of race and the importance of “acceptance despite difference.”

The Power Of Enthusiasm In A Speech

When we give a speech, we want our audience to be able to pick up on the same level of excitement that we have for what we are talking about. Read these tips from the Accidental Communicator to make sure your enthusiasm comes across the next time that you give a speech!

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