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How to Rise Above Onstage Mishaps

September 30, 2022

How to Rise Above Onstage Mishaps and Embarrassments

If you’ve ever stumbled on the way to a stage, on stage, or getting off a stage, this episode of the Toastmasters Podcast is for you. WLRN radio personality, storyteller and author Caren Neile shares her own embarrassing experiences (as well as those of notable celebrities) to teach people how to rise above onstage mishaps.

How To Add Stories To Your Next Speech

If you want to make a memorable impact on your audience, add stories to your presentation. This article from the Accidental Communicator explains the three “I”s of good storytelling: invitation, imagination, and impact.  See also: What Are The Rules For Adding Humor To A Speech?

7 ways to be a better communicator by tweaking your body language

By making small, easy tweaks to how you stand, move or even smile, you can better hold an audience’s attention. In this article, communications expert David JP Phillips shares seven body-language tips that anyone can use.

Ways to Emotionally Connect with Your Audience

Seasoned public speaker and “Presenting, Pitching and Public Speaking” podcaster Toni Gargan speakers with author Jan Muhlfeit about the art of public speaking. Muhlfeit believes that making an emotional connection with your audience is vital and shares some of the various strategies that can support this connection when you’re on stage.