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October Speaking Tips

October 22, 2022

Ways to Improve and Enhance Remote Presentations

Next time you’re asked to give a presentation, there is a good chance your audience may not be sitting in front of you. Instead, they may be remotely located. As a public speaker, you will need to adjust how you deliver your presentation to keep your audience engaged. The Accidental Communicator offers some useful tips to for enhancing remote presentations.

Tips and Tools

While we’re on the subject, the hosts of the Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on the Legal Talk Network share their Top Tips and Tools for Better Online Presentations, which include how to use tools such as online polls and apps to increase audience engagement.

A simple trick to help you speak without showing your nerves

Have you ever noticed that when you’re nervous, your voice shakes or becomes high pitched? You don’t have to put up with a thin, shaky voice, says speech-language pathologist Jackie Gartner-Schmidt, who shares an easy exercise to relax the vocal chords before a presentation.