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Public Speaking Tips for March

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March 30, 2022

Three Tips to Engage Your Virtual Audience

Have you been getting blank stares, awkward silences, and people multitasking during your virtual presentations or meetings? You’re certainly not alone. Getting your audience to participate and stay engaged remotely is a challenge. Virtual presentations are here to stay, so we need to make them as engaging as possible. Three experts share their tips for keeping engagement high on the Power Speaking blog.

Overcoming Your Actual and Inner Stutter

How does a lifelong stutterer become a successful motivational speaker and standup comedian? Find out by listing to this Toastmasters International podcast, where Joze Piranian, originally from Lebanon and now based in Toronto, Canada, shares his inspirational journey. After avoiding speaking almost entirely for more than 25 years, Joze decided he would no longer let his stutter stand in the way of living a full and fruitful life.

Using The Power Of Originality To Create A Memorable Speech

The way that we determine if one of our speeches means something is if our audience can remember it after we are done speaking. To claim some of that valuable mental real estate, we’ve got to be able to create a speech that is original. A great place to go looking for original content for your speech is your own set of personal experiences. Read this Accidental Communicator blog post to learn more.

The Five Things You Must Know About Public Speaking

In this Toastmasters International article, professional speaker and author Douglas Kruger boils down his 20 years of public speaking experience into the five philosophies that will get you the most bang for your speaking buck.