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How to ‘ACE’ Virtual Presentations

July 28, 2023

Virtual speaking has taken on a whole new dynamic, moving simply from presenting online to an art all of its own. In this Toastmasters International Podcast, Lindy MacLaine, second runner-up at the first ever Toastmasters International Virtual World Championship of Public Speaking, explains the “A.C.E.” method —Authenticity, Camera and Eye Contact — her model to help presenters step up their virtual game.

Getting The Most Out Of Gestures

When you give a speech, you may feel like all you have to work with are your words. It turns out you have a secret tool that will allow you to not only capture your audience’s attention, but also hold on to it: Gestures. The Accidental Communicator blog explains how to use gestures to invite your audience in and keep them interested.

Making Community Presentations

One very effective way to educate and involve people in your community is to make a presentation. Community presentations can be done in many formats — through public speeches, informal talks, town meetings, debates, workshops, or seminars, to name a few. A successful community presentation has three key elements, or stages: the right background conditions, the right preparation, and the right delivery. Each of these stages and steps are include in The Community Tool Box, a service of the Center for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas.

Tips for Telling Memorable Stories

When sharing stories within your talks and presentations, there are some things you will want to avoid and some things you will want to include to ensure they have lasting impact on your audience. In this episode of the Public Speaking with David Murray Podcast, Murray shares his top tips for telling memorable stories.