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Use Feedback to Improve Your Public Speaking

September 1, 2023

The key to successfully elevating your public speaking skills, says “Communicate with Confidence” podcaster David Murray, is inviting someone to watch your talks and presentations, and asking them to give you feedback afterwards. In this episode, he explores using feedback to improve public speaking skills.

Think Faster, Talk Smarter in the Moment

In this Toastmasters International podcast, educator and author Matt Abrahams talks about Mindset and Message—two critical elements of spontaneous speaking or impromptu speaking. He also offers tips on removing unnecessary filler words.

How To Speak Clearly When Giving Your Presentation

A speech that is well-organized is easy to follow. Speech construction is based on a fundamental principle: clear writing and clear speaking are a result of clear thinking. In this Accidental Communicator article, a three-step circle process that can be used to create a five-part effective speech is explored.