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Tech Tips

iPhone Tip: Reverse Image Searches

April 20, 2021

Posted in: Google/Chrome, iPad/iPhone, Tech Tips

Google Lens Reverse image search engines have risen in popularity over the last few years, becoming a new way to find similar images and information. When using this type of searching service you can upload an image (as opposed to text) to search for and display a gallery of the same or similar images. To do this...

Free Tech Support for Solo and Small Firm Attorneys

Posted in: Tech Tips

The Florida Bar Tech Support Helpline, in beta through May 15, is open and available to assist solo and small firm lawyers with technology issues and assistance. The response from Bar members who used the hotline during the first two weeks was very positive. You are encouraged to give it a try for any technology...

Chrome Pro Tip — Tab Grouping

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Tech Tips

A handy feature in Chrome allows you to organize your related and open tabs into a group. A set of tabs in a group can be collapsed or expanded as needed. Here’s how to create a group: Right-click an open tab, select Add Tab to New Group. Give the group-to-be a name and select a color for the tab if...

Important Updates for iOS Devices

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Tech Tips

Attention iPhone and iPad users! Apple has released an emergency update to patch a serious vulnerability found in iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. The public doesn’t get too many details about these vulnerabilities since Apple is known to keep specifics tight until it has had a chance to do an internal investigation into the issue. Apple claims that...

The Little-Known But Oh-So Magical Windows Key

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

If your Windows PC came with a keyboard, it very likely has a special Windows key or two (usually to the left and right of the spacebar). Its purpose is to make moving around your PC faster and easier while your hands are on the keyboard – no need to go to the mouse for...

Microsoft Teams Adds New Features

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Microsoft Office Teams badge icon Microsoft Teams, which has grown in popularity since the pandemic started, is regularly adding new features. Here are three cool new ones:. New Meeting Interactions While in a meeting, use these new keyboard shortcuts to raise your hand in a meeting and find out who else has theirs raised. Ctrl/Command+Shift+K raises and lowers your hand. Ctrl/Command+Shift+L will have your screen...

Major Security Issues with “On-Prem” Exchange Servers Require Critical Security Updates

Posted in: Outlook, Security, Tech Tips

A global hack of on-prem Microsoft email server software was discovered in January and February, and the firms and organizations affected run the gamut from mom-and-pop shops to law firms, municipal governments, healthcare providers and manufacturers. While many law firms have moved their Microsoft email platform to hosted Exchange, many have not. If your Exchange...

Word Tip: Preventing Justified Paragraphs from Stretching When Using Manual Line Breaks

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

We often use justified paragraphs in legal documents – those paragraphs that align both the left and right edges of the text to the left and right margins. If you do this often AND include a manual line break (Shift + Enter), you may notice that Word will push the line to the full width...

Google’s Built-in Timer and Stopwatch

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Tech Tips

When you need a timer and don’t have an Alexa nearby, considering using this cool and easy Google Search feature. Like you would typically search for something on Google, input what you would typically say to Alexa or Siri: “set timer for 6 minutes.” You'll next see an interactive timer. You can start, stop and...

Windows: How to Easily Remove Metadata from Files via File Explorer

Posted in: Tech Tips

Files on your computer may store information about their source, author, dates, and other details, through metadata (aka "Document Properties”). If you don’t want this information to be available to others who may have access to your files, it’s a good idea to remove all the metadata from a file. While programs like Word (via...