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Tech Tips

New Service in Microsoft Word Checks Grammar In Word, Outlook and on Webpages

June 30, 2020

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Microsoft or Windows, Outlook, Tech Tips, Word

"Microsoft Editor" is an AI-powered, writing virtual assistant that offers basic suggestions in grammar and spelling as you type. It not only quickly catches typos and mistakes, but it also can help you communicate more clearly. And it does so in more than 20 languages! Editor is a new and constantly developing service that comes...

How to Change Desktop Icon Size in Windows and MacOS

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Screen shot of desktop icons Do you ever feel like you need binoculars to see the icons and text on your desktop? Well, they can be pretty small by default. Strain no more!  It’s easy to increase the size of your icons so they are easier to identify; just know that the bigger you make them, more real estate they...

Share a Word Document but Allow Only Comments

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips, Word

Comments only word doc sharing Sometimes you may want to send a Word document rather than a PDF for comments. The benefit here would be not having to flip between the PDF doc and the Word doc to make your edits based on those outside suggestions. One of Microsoft’s Word “protect” features allows you to share a document with others...

Group Podcasts on Your iPhone into Playlists

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone, Tech Tips

Group Podcasts on Your iPhone into Playlists Podcasts have become more popular than ever these days, and if you’re like most, you’ve amassed quite a collection! On the iPhone, you can organize podcasts into playlists – or as they are called on the iPhone, into “stations” that allow you to group them (News, Legal, Self-Improvement, Meditation, etc. – you decide!). Here’s how:...

The Complete Zoom Guide: From Basic Help to Advanced Tricks

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Tech Tips - The Complete Zoom Guide One of Zoom's key strengths is its simplicity, but this does not mean that the platform is without a variety of advanced features that remote workers will find useful for improving their productivity. ZDNet has compiled a Zoom guide to help make your meetings more productive.

Fastcase 7

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Fastcase 7 Fastcase provides industry-leading tools to make legal research easier and more intuitive. New, innovative features are offered in Fastcase 7 for smarter legal researching. Sign up for an expert-led tour of Fastcase 7 here to learn more.

How to Show (or “Embed”) a Google Calendar On Your Website

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

How to Show (ie “Embed”) a Google Calendar On Your Website If you would like to share upcoming events like webinars, seminars or social gatherings with visitors on your website, you can easily embed a Google calendar on your website. It’s also free and easy to use. Of course, you’ll need a Google account, which is also free. Log into your Google account and go to...

Making a Formula in Excel

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Making a Formula in Excel Just like a calculator, you can create simple formulas in Excel to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  Simple formulas always start with an equal sign =, followed by constants that are numeric values and calculation operators such as plus +, minus -, asterisk *, or forward slash / signs. Enter a Formula Click into the...

When Out of Office is On but You Don’t Want to Auto Reply to Everyone (Outlook for Windows)

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Out of Office replies can be turned on very easily and even timed to expire at a designated time.  But did you know you can customize your OOF so that some people do not get the auto reply, or that they get a customized reply different than the rest of the group?  The steps below...

A Look at Outlook’s Instant Search

Posted in: Tech Tips, Working Remotely

Working at home without others assisting you may have you more curious about features in Outlook.  One that is really helpful is Outlook’s Instant Search. Every folder provides you with an Instant Search window. A simple word or phrase can be typed into the search to find it within that folder. There are ways that...