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Tech Tips

Research Tip: Google News’ Archives Go WAYYYY Back

October 12, 2021

Posted in: Google/Chrome, Tech Tips

Did you know that Google News’ archives go back to the mid-1880s? Google News has an option to search over 100 years’ worth of archived news from newspapers around the world. The service provides both free and paid access to scanned archives of newspapers and links to other newspaper archives on the web. Google also manages...

New Microsoft Teams Feature: Present from PowerPoint to Teams

Posted in: Apple, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips, Virtual Meetings

Microsoft added a simple but handy feature to PowerPoint (with a business Microsoft 365 subscription) that allows you to start sharing a presentation from within PowerPoint. Until now, you started in Teams and chose to share the screen that had the presentation open. Now, when you are in a Teams meeting, you can switch to...

New iOS Update Can Help With Email Management

Posted in: Apple, Tech Tips

Apple recently released an update to iOS. While not as new-feature rich as past major updates, it does come with two new services geared toward increasing users' privacy: Private Relay and Hide My Email. This tip will focus on Hide My Email (released in iOS 14 but improved with this update). Hide My Email aims to...

Apple Releases Emergency Update 

Posted in: Apple, iPad/iPhone

Apple recently released an emergency update to address a security flaw that let NSO Group’s (an spyware company) Pegasus spyware infect Apple devices — including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches. To Update iPhones and iPads (and Apple Watches): Make sure the device is plugged in and connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi. Then: Go...

Windows Tips? There’s an App for That!

Posted in: Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Screen capture of the Microsoft Tips app There's a built-in tips app in Windows that can help you discover helpful things you can do in Windows. To find the app, click Start  > Tips or search for "Tips" from the Windows start button. This feature will come in handy as the release of Windows 11 is on the horizon (it works just...

Microsoft Word’s Resume Assistant

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

Did you know that Microsoft Office 365 has a built-in resume builder within Word (PC and Mac!)? It couples with LinkedIn to help you build a compelling resume by showing you examples of how others describe their work experience and skills.  Although you don't need a LinkedIn account to use Resume Assistant (but you will...

Mac Users:  Password Protect a PDF Using Preview

Posted in: Apple, Tech Tips

You can easily secure PDF with a password directly from Preview. Open a PDF file in Preview Go to File > Save As. Look for a checkbox labeled, “Encrypt.” Click the box to be prompted to enter a password to protect the file. At this point you can also type in a new name to create...

Web Browser Tab Shortcuts

Posted in: Apple, Google/Chrome, Microsoft or Windows, Tech Tips

Reach your virtual destination in no time by mastering shortcuts to switch tabs using your keyboard. Incorporate these shortcuts into your daily web surfing routine and you’ll become a shortcut ninja in no time. Review tips from Online Tech Tips for many different browsers, including Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, on Mac or Windows.

Using the Dictation Feature in Microsoft Word (Windows and Mac)

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

Microsoft added built-in dictation to the desktop version of Word on the Mac and PC a couple of years ago, but you must subscribe to Microsoft 365 to access it. (Sneaky trick: you can use the free Microsoft Word web app or smartphone apps.) Of course, you must have a microphone so Word can hear you and a...

Insert a Signature Image into a Microsoft Word Document

Posted in: Tech Tips, Word

There is an easy and efficient way to enter your signature in a Word document. Typically, you receive an email that you are required to send back by printing, signing and then scanning the document, but here are a few tips to do this much quicker while giving your document a professional and personal touch....