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Accessibility Features in Zoom

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The use of Zoom for meetings and calls shows no sign of decline even as we start to ease out of the pandemic. So, while we have all (hopefully) become familiar and comfortable with Zoom, here are some accessibility features and tips that will help enhance the meeting experience for those attendees with disabilities. For more details and tips be sure and visit this Zoom blog post.

  • To benefit deaf users or those without computer access, be sure to include dial-in numbers so Video Relay Services can get sign language interpretation for your meeting.
  • Be sure to share accessible documents or materials before the meeting to allow others more time to review and understand the content before the meeting.
  • Mute all participants upon entry. Minimizing excess noise, when possible, will allow those who rely on audio from screen readers to participate more easily.
  • Speak loud and clear and remind other speakers to do the same. Everyone should identify themselves before speaking. This greatly benefits those who do rely on screen readers or sign language interpreters.
  • If there is screen sharing, it is helpful to verbally describe the content to help others better understand the information.
  • Screen readers read comments in chat. This may make the conversations hard to follow along. As the meeting host, consider assigning to one person who everyone privately messages and have that person read the chats or comments at the right time.
  • Zoom allows for manual closed captioning and automatic Live Transcription. Be sure to turn on the option.
  • Stationary backgrounds are recommended to benefit those with attention deficit disorder, migraines, dyslexia, epilepsy, other similar ailments, and also sign language interpreters.
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