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Create a Drop-Down List in Excel

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If you have repetitive entries in an Excel spreadsheet, using a dropdown list can be a great time saver. And thankfully, they are very easy to create!

Let’s say you are working on a list of matter types and you want to limit entries in a column to Litigation, Real Estate or Family – no other entries are allowed. Here are some simple steps to get you there.

  • While in the Excel sheet that you are working in, select the column or specific cells where you want to control the entries.
  • Now, go to the Data tab and look for the ‘Data Validation” button in the Data Tools section.

Find Excel Drop Down

  • From the “Allow” dropdown list, select “List”
  • Add all the entries you would like, separating them by commas and using the punctuation you would like, as so…

Drop down entries example

  • Click OK to get to work. You will see a small down-ward point arrow to the right of the cell that has data validation applied. From there, you can either click and pick from the list or type in a valid entry.

Valid Excel Drop Down

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