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Windows 10 Start Menu

Customizing the Start Menu in Windows 10

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The Start Menu on Microsoft Windows is a central launching point for your computer applications and for performing various tasks. Today, it combines the tiles of older Windows 8 with a stylish, touch-friendly user interface. You can  customize the Start Menu to increase productivity; here are a few tips on doing that.

Resize the Start Menu

  • Click to open the Start menu then drag the right or top edge of the menu with your mouse up and down, in and out to the size you like.
  • When resizing horizontally, you can increase the menu by one full column (up to 4 columns) of icon groups at a time
  • Go to Settings (the little gear on the left) > click Personalization > locate Start > turn on “Show more tiles on Start” to add more tiles in each column

The next thing you would want to learn is Pin and Unpin tiles. This sticks the apps or programs you use the most to the start menu.

  • Right-click any tile and select “Unpin from Start”
  • If there is an application that isn’t pinned on the Start Menu, browse the app, right-click the app, and select “Pin to Start”

Active updates are one of the key features of Live Tiles in the Start Menu; they provide a snapshot of information on your Start Screen. There are Live Tiles that will show current weather information, appointments, email, and even TV programming. To turn on or to turn off Live Tiles updates, right-click on the flashing tile, point to “More” and then select “Turn live tile on/off”

Group the Tiles into Folders

  • Drag and drop any tile onto another tile. This will create a new folder, and the tiles will be grouped together. Then, you can drag and drop as many tiles as you want
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