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How to change the font size on your Android mobile phone

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We’re not just referring to wallpapers and theme graphics when we say your Android smartphone has a lot of personalization options. You can adjust the font size in your phone, web applications, and even when writing an email. This is useful if you frequently find the text on your smartphone too tiny to read.

Android, like Windows, Linux and Mac-based software platforms, includes a function that allows you to change the font size on your smartphone. You could wish to modify the font size on your smartphone’s default setting. You can either increase or decrease it to make the text more readable for your eyes.

Change Font Size on Android OS

To change the font size on your phone’s operating software system, follow these simple steps.

For Android 11 and older

  • Go to Settings application.
  • Go to Display.
  • Choose the option Font Size. If you are using a Samsung Device, this option might be named Font and Screen Zoom.
  • Use the slider to adjust your text size. Some phones do not use the slider based on which device you are using. Instead, they give you the option to choose the text size from the options available, such as small, medium, or large fonts.

For Android 12

  • Go to Settings application.
  • Go to Accessibility.
  • Choose the option Text and Display.
  • Click on Font Size to adjust the size of the text using the slider provided.

Change Font Size for an Application

Font size can also be changed for an individual application. For example, if the text on your home screen seems fine, but the text on your web browser or any other application seems too small, you can only change the text for that application. Usually, these customization options are available in settings for that specific application. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the application in which you want to change the font size.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose whichever option is available to change the font size.

Remember, these options vary in each application. However, they are usually available in the settings option.

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