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How To Download Maps On Google Maps For Offline Viewing

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Google maps is a great resource that you can rely on anywhere in the world. The only problem is that you need an internet connection to explore its unique features. Downloading a map of your location on Google maps is one way to work around this problem if travelling off-grid. Here are a couple of steps to help you use offline maps on Google maps.

Desktops and Laptops

Download your location in KMZ/KML format

Log into your Google maps account and select Your Places, where you can choose a saved map, or you can create a new map. Search the location you are travelling to and click Add to map next to your location. Press the plus icon to add the background to an existing layer to export it.

You can now export the map of your location by clicking on the three dots on the top right of your map’s name. This will open up the menu, and you should choose Export to KML/KMZ to download your offline map. Save the map where you can easily remember it when you need it.

Viewing The Map Offline

You must get a map client such as Google Earth to read your exported location. Just launch the application and click File, then select Open to allow you to upload the KMZ/KML file. Choose the file from your computer, and Google earth will immediately open it in satellite view. You can now use the map to find your way around even before accessing an internet connection.

Phones and Tablets

Download Maps Mobile Viewing While Offline

Unlike your computer, you will find it much easier to use offline maps on your smartphone or tablet. Just open the Google maps app and search the location you need. Tap the red marker once you can find the location to see its details.

Find the menu and select Download offline map. Be sure to press the download button once it asks you to confirm your download. The app will automatically download and store the location to use it later.

It is also easy to find the location once you are offline. Click the apps menu and choose Offline maps to get a list of all your saved maps. Tap on the map that you desire and select view. The good thing is that you will also view nearby businesses and even roads.

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