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How to make the most of Microsoft Teams

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The legal world is quickly adopting Microsoft Teams as preferred online collaboration platform. Not only does it offer options for chatting, video calls, document collaboration and project management, but it’s also included totally free with Microsoft 365! Many courts are using Teams for online hearings and more law firms than ever are using it to stay in touch and collaborate during the Covid era. Here are five tech tips to help you make the most of Teams.

  1. Use a “mention” to get someone’s attention in Teams:Whether in a chat group or in a channel you can use the @personsName (just like you do in Facebook or on Twitter) to directly address a team member. The message will be flagged for them.
  2. Don’t Leave Your Teams Behind: The Teams mobile is available on iOS and Android. Chat with colleagues, join meetings on the go and access all of your teams, channels, files and chats from anywhere.
  3. Don’t Miss a Thing – Turn on Notifications: Manage your notifications from a couple of places:
    • Click on your picture at the top right of Teams, choose Options > Notifications for global notifications.
    • Control notifications at the channel level. Select More options … > Channel notifications next to the channel.
  4. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts to Work More Efficiently: In the Teams app, press Ctrl + . to display a list of available keyboard shortcuts.
  5. Collaborate on Files at The Same Time: Attach a file to any message and once you send the file to the Team, it’ll automatically appear in the Files tab above the channel or message so anyone can get to it and open for editing – alone or together.


For more tips, tricks and training videos, visit the Microsoft Teams site.

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