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How to Quickly Resize Excel Columns to Fit Contents of the Cells

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Microsoft Excel is popular globally, especially for organizations and small businesses. Spreadsheets are incredibly useful for recordkeeping, filing, calculations, analysis, etc. Excel sheets open with a standard view where the cells have a default size.¬†When you have different lengths of inputs in a column, some cells may show full text while others will cut it off because it’s longer than their default size. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the same record; it just shows it is cut off.

Manually Changing Column Width

Most people working with Microsoft Excel know that column width can be adjusted manually to display the cell content fully. For instance, if you have a column with names of people, some names may be small enough to display fully in the default cell size, while others may be too long.

One way to adjust the width of the column to fit it in all the text is to simply move the boundary of the column. Click on the boundary of the column you want to adjust and the column after it, hold it and move it ahead to the desired point.

This way, you can easily adjust the size/width of any column in your table.

An Easier Way to Fit Contents in Column in Excel

While the above method is not that difficult, there’s an even easier and quicker method. Simply double-click the boundary between the two columns on top (in the column label row).

For example, if you want to adjust the size of column A to fit in all the contents of the column cells, go to the column name row, and double click the boundary between column A and column B. The column size of column A will be adjusted automatically.

Change Column Width for All Columns

What if you want to change the column size for all the columns in your table? Even the shortcut may become too much work if you have many columns.

An easier solution is to define the column width for your table in the settings. Yes, on Microsoft Excel, you can define the size of columns and rows for any spreadsheet or table.

Here’s how you can achieve this:

  • On the Home tab, select Format
  • Go to Column Width
  • Type in the column width you want to set
  • Click OK

This will adjust the size of all the columns in your tab. You can also do the same for rows, should you want to change their height.

This method is a good choice for documents where you want a uniform size of columns. Make sure to take into the length of the longest cell content, so it fits in naturally.

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