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How to Track Changes in Word Online

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The ability to track changes has made it possible for people to collaborate on documents without the back and forth of emails that often comes with the process. Begin by going to, logging in with your Office 365 account and opening Word online.

Find or create the document you would like to work on (it must be saved to OneDrive or SharePoint). Go to the Review tab on the ribbon and look for the Track Changes button.

You may be put into “reviewing mode” – this is the mode you want when working with Track Changes. To make regular edits without marking up the insertions, deletions or moves, be sure you are in “Editing Mode.”

Screen shot showing track changes in editing mode

How To Review and Accept Changes In Microsoft Word Online

Once you turn on track changes, you can either accept or reject each suggestion you make. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the start of the document and click at the top where you would like to start reviewing it.
  • Click the Review tab on top.
  • Click on the Accept or Reject button, and the online Word processor will automatically take you to the first suggested change.
  • You can now either accept the change or reject it.
  • Move on to the following change and either accept or reject the editor’s change. Do this until you get a notification that there are no more track changes in your online word document.
  • Press the OK button, and you will get back to the top of your document. If everything is perfect, you may want to turn off the track changes.

Turning Off Track Changes in your Online Word Document

Turning off track changes is relatively easy – there are two ways to do it. You can switch from reviewing mode to edit or view mode. Editing allows you to continue making changes to the document while the view mode is the best choice if the document is final, and you just want to review it without making further changes.

Another way to do it is by heading to the Review tab and turning off the track changes feature. Doing this turns off track changes and allows you to continue editing the Word document without highlighting any changes.

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