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This is a QR code being used from a phone

How to use QR codes

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Phone scanning QR Code

As more restaurants, bars, hotels and retailers reopen during the COVID crisis, many have turned to using digital menus or messages. Whether mandated or by choice, they are a great way to solve a cleanliness problem (and an environmental one!). QR codes can be used for many purposes — to show you a PDF or webpage of a menu, to exchange contact information, to be taken to a special offer or ad, and many more uses. They also communicate to us, as customers and guests,  that they are serious about creating a germ-free environment. Thankfully, QR codes are also very easy to use with the built-in camera apps on iPhones and Androids — no special app needed!

  1. Open the Camera app as if you were going to take a picture — but don’t take a picture.
  2. Simply point the lens at the QR code and wait just a mini-moment.
  3. Your phone (or tablet) will recognize the QR code and drop a notification from the top of your screen.
  4. Tap that notification and you’ll be shown or taken to a website with the information associated with the QR code.


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