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Insert a Signature Image into a Microsoft Word Document

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There is an easy and efficient way to enter your signature in a Word document. Typically, you receive an email that you are required to send back by printing, signing and then scanning the document, but here are a few tips to do this much quicker while giving your document a professional and personal touch. You will need to have a scanned in / or otherwise digital image your signature saved onto your computer.

  1. Open the Word document, put your cursor on the line / space where the signature should be dropped, and then select the Insert ribbon up top.
  2. Click on Pictures > navigate to and select the signature image. It should be placed into the Word document.
  3. You may need to manipulate the exact placement of the image by using the Picture Format ribbon and tinkering with the Position and Text Wrap options (be sure to select the image to activate the Picture Format ribbon).

A screen capture that shows the position and wrap text options on the "picture format" ribbon

Bonus Tips:

You can drag and drop right onto a Word doc rather than going to Insert > Picture. Use Word’s “Quick Parts” feature to save your signature image and recall it quickly. Here’s how:

  1. Place your signature image in a Word document.
  2. Highlight the signature image and include any other text you want to include in the signature block, then click on the Insert ribbon again but this time choose “Quick Parts” on the right side of the ribbon.
  3. In the drop down arrow click Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery then in the Create New Building Block type a name for that block.
  4. Click Auto Text in the Gallery box and select OK.
  5. Your signature block will be saved and you can then have it for other Word docs by clicking on Insert > Quick Parts > Auto Text > Select your signature block.


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