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New Features in Zoom Breakout Rooms

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Smaller and more focused discussions have been one of the most interesting features of in-person meetings, and Zoom has now made this very element available through its Breakout Rooms. Participants of your meetings can now choose to move between the Breakout Rooms without having to wait for the host to assign them a Breakout Room. This is a great feature for online conferences or seminars!

  1. Attendees will click the Breakout Rooms option in meeting controls. This will display the list of open breakout rooms created by you or the host.
  2. The attendee will then click “Join” next to the Breakout Room they wish to enter, then confirm by clicking Join again.
  3. Repeat as necessary to join other breakout rooms or click Leave Room to return to the main session.

Zoom Options PanelHosts can also pre-assign Breakout Rooms as they schedule a meeting and you can still/always create Breakout Rooms within a meeting. Within the Breakout Room panel, there is also the “Options” menu that allows you to moderate the experience of the Breakout Room accordingly. You can move all the participants to the Breakout Rooms, set a timer, have a countdown after closing the Breakout Rooms, and let the participants get back to the main session at any given time.

Once all the participants are in their respective Breakout Rooms, different features can be used to manage the sessions. These include self-selecting a Breakout Room, visiting the rooms, broadcasting a message, closing all the rooms, sending the participants back to the breakouts, and also respond to the help requests you receive.

When you participate in a Breakout Room, you will have access to all the features that would be available to you in a regular meeting as well. You can share your screen, have in-meeting chats, self-select your Breakout Room, and ask the host for help if and when required.

Visit Zoom’s blog post on these new features for more details.

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