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No Outlook? No Problem: How to Open a Windows Outlook .MSG File on macOS

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An MSG file is a task, appointment, contact or email message saved or created within Microsoft Outlook on Windows. The file may also contain multiple fields, like the appointment details, contact information, message body, subject, recipient, sender, date,and task description.

If you don’t have Outlook for Mac or don’t have Office 365 with access to Outlook online, you’ll encounter an error when that .msg file comes along because Macs don’t natively open .MSG files. But wait! There’s an app for that (of course). A popular third-party app from the App Store named MSG Viewer for Outlook converts the .MSG file into an EML format so that you can open it. Now, it does come with a cost (after a free trial) — but what’s a mere $19 for a potentially business-critical tool? If the price doesn’t scare you, visit the App Store on your Mac and search for and install “MSG Viewer for Outlook.”

After install, MSG Viewer for Outlook just works — you don’t have to do anything special. It is designed to be completely seamless; the only time you need to open the program is to customize preferences (be sure to read how-to). To open one of those pesky . MSG files,  simply double-click on it or right-click and choose Open With → MSG Viewer for Outlook. MSG Viewer for Outlook will quietly launch in the background, convert your MSG or Winmail.dat file, and then display the converted file in your favorite Mac email client.

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