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Outlook for Windows – Keyboard Shortcuts

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While there are many email clients and services available, Outlook still reigns as king of the information managers. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that should  help you work more efficiently in Outlook. For those  with mobility or vision disabilities, keyboard shortcuts may offer an easier alternative to using a touchscreen and are an essential replacement for a typical mouse.

Action Keystrokes
Go to the Home tab. Alt+H
Go  to the Mail view. Ctrl+1
Go to the Calendar view. Ctrl+2
Go to the Contacts view. Ctrl+3
Go to the Tasks view. Ctrl+4
Go to the Notes. Ctrl+5
Create a new message. Ctrl+Shift+M
Send a message. Alt+S
Insert a file. Alt+N, A, F
Create a new task Ctrl+Shift+K
Create an appointment. Ctrl+Shift+A
Delete an item (when a message, task, or meeting is selected). Delete
Reply to a message. Alt+H, R, P
Reply All to a message. Alt+H, R, A
Forward a message. Alt+H, F, W
Check for new messages. Ctrl+M


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