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The Fantastic AirPods

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Despite the price of AirPods (designed to work with Apple devices), they are a marvel and with each new generation they become more and more the new norm. And with each development the Bluetooth-enabled devices enhance your auditory experience verging on a new era of wireless technology. Here are a handful of AirPods tips.

Losing/Finding an AirPod

These little critters aren’t cheap. Losing one can be a hassle. Fortunately, there is hope. If an AirPod goes wayward, still has power, and is within Bluetooth range, you just might be able to find them using another iOS device.

  • Open the Find My app on your phone (or other Apple device).
  • Tap the Devices tab.
  • Tap the Play Sound option and listen for the errant AirPod to make a noise. It will, over a two-minute period, get louder.
  • Tap Stop once you find the AirPod.

If you are missing both AirPods and the case, they will not make a sound but you may still be able to hone in on them using Find My.

Using/Connecting AirPods To More Than One Device

AirPods will automatically switch audio between devices if you first pair your with your iPhone and other chosen devices.

Call-out Caller ID

With or without AirPods you can set Siri up to announce the name or number of an incoming call.

Go Settings > Phone > Announce Calls > Always. Other options include Headphones Only and Headphones & Car. Never is the default.

Customize your AirPods

The double-tap default settings on each AirPod are ingenious but did you know you can customize the feature?

  • While connected to your device go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  • Tap the small “i” icon to the right of the Airpods.
  • Choose to adjust the left, right and/or both tap options such as play, pause or skip and others.

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